Simple Pleasures Book


A beautiful children’s book with an important message: enjoy the simple things in life and have fun with what you find in nature.

This book is filled with gorgeous watercolor illustrations of children at play, along with a wonderful theme of enjoying each moment. Myron Cretney wrote the story, Leah Mebane created the illustrations. Together they combine their talents to show how simple things in life can be the most pleasurable… mud pies, flying a home-made kite, or creating music with friends. A story that resonates through the generations.

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About the author:

Myron Cretney has lived many years in the mountains of southern Oregon, playing music, writing songs and learning from nature. He enjoys learning and teaching earth-based living skills with people of all ages. Exploring ways we might live more sustainably (both socially and environmentally) is of ongoing interest for him. This is his first book.

About the artist:

Leah Mebane lives with her husband and son in Ashland, Oregon, where she is a full-time artist of commissioned portraits, illustrations and contemporary abstract paintings. Her abstract work is created exclusively with pigments that she collects directly from the earth and then hand-crafts into natural, non-toxic paint. She has also created “Earth Paint Kits” for children and adults ( She began illustrating this book while living in a small cob cabin, off the grid, in a beautiful patch of woods, and she greatly resonates with its message.