Our lotion bar, Myronaturals Moisturizing Bar, has proven to be a very effective natural remedy for many people with chapped lips, dry skin, itchy skin, and dry, cracking hands and feet. It is made with natural, high quality, mostly organic ingredients that provide moisturizing, healing, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties for protection and rejuvenation of dry, damaged skin. Because this is a solid lotion, it is very easy to travel with. Take it on airplanes — you never have to worry about leakages!

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For best results, remove Moisturizing Bar from container and apply a moderate amount (by rubbing) where needed. Return Moisturizing Bar to container and work moisturizer in until it is fully absorbed. If it is not fully absorbed in a reasonable amount of time, apply less next time. Only use as much as necessary — as much as can be fully absorbed in approximately 2 to 5 minutes. It goes a long way!


Moisturizing Bar
in tin $9.95 each

Refill Moisturizing Bar
no tin $8.95 each

Looking for a refill? Get a Myronaturals Moisturizing Bar for only $8.95 without the tin. The bar is best stored in the tin, so simply pop the bar into the tin you already have!

10 Pack Moisturizing Bars
in tins $95 per 10 pack

Want to give Myronaturals Moisturizing Bars to your friends? Purchase packs of 10 Myronaturals Moisturizing Bars and get each bar for only $8.00 each. Includes free shipping!

I was given a Myronaturals Moisturizing Bar by my in-laws, and have been using it ever since. I LOVE IT! I have very dry legs and nothing ever really helps. But, your bar has really been amazing. Thank you!

Rachel  — Reno, Nevada